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History is Being Made, Despite Filibusters by the Left

History is being made in Kutztown! It’s been over 12 years since we've had a conservative board. We were encouraged to see so many of you come out to pack the room at the Dec. 7th School Board Reorganization meeting. The room was full of joy! Thank you!!

Jason Koch was nominated and won the position as Board President in which he proved, as soon as he took the position, that he is a true leader. Erin Engel was nominated as VP, creating a perfect team.


President Koch selected directors for various committees, as within his purview. Freshman Democrat School Director from the Borough, Laurel Ziegler, took issue with not being selected for the Negotiations Committee, who negotiates Teacher's Union Contracts. Koch named Jeremiah Light, Dan Wismer and himself to the three-person committee. Koch has served with Light on the board and while Wismer is a new School Director, he is a teacher who adds valuable insight.


Following the meeting, Ziegler immediately took to Facebook to complain, implying President Koch acted improperly and that no one else is as qualified as she to serve on the Negotiations Committee. Yet, it's unheard of for anyone to demand they be on a committee, especially then yet by a new School Director. Let's not forget that Ziegler was endorsed by the Teacher's Union, posing a conflict of interest for her when negotiating those same teacher's contracts. Also, Ziegler's sister-in-law is a teacher, creating yet another conflict of interest for her.

During the meeting, a motion was made to repeal 809 (Educational Equity). President Koch noted it would need to be discussed first at the 12/11 Policy & Curriculum committee prior to being voted on by the full board.


As predicted per their playbook, Ziegler was unpleased and simultaneously warned the school that it would cost the district money because it could face a lawsuit, like Pennridge, if revoked.


At the Crossroads---> Turn Right


Just 4 days later on Dec. 11th, the Policy & Curriculum committee meeting was held where Ziegler attempted a filibuster. During the one hour meeting, Ziegler managed to speak for over 1/3 of the meeting, not allowing the committee time to discuss three other items on the agenda.


During Ziegler's speech, she managed to insult the public and all the school directors implying no one has read Policy 809. She and Holt, another Borough Director, claim the community should have a chance to speak on rescinding the policy. It's apparent they do not regard Nov. 7th, 2023 as the day the community spoke about 809! Wismer and Koch attempted to move the meeting forward at which time Ziegler bullied the board by saying they weren't allowing her to finish her remarks.


She has created a false narrative, claiming to be a victim while simultaneously dominating the meeting and bullying her fellow directors, all the while missing other important items the board needs to discuss. Despite claiming the desire for cooperation, the behavior by this Freshman Director says something entirely different.


Despite her filibuster, a vote to rescind the first reading of Policy 809 passed moving the policy to to the full board for Monday 12/18/23. Stay tuned for more updates!

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